: ( )

It consists of Its terribly salty.

It contains I dont like to complain, but

It is made of Its quite uneatable.

My apologies, sir.

Can I get you something else?

The passive is often used to describe how things are made or done.

Example: The chef makes butter from flour, eggs and milk.

Butter is made from flour, eggs and milk.

1.   We make French dressing from oil and vinegar.

2.   The restaurant serves lunch from 12 to 3.

3.   The barman makes dry martinis from gin and vermouth.

4.   The wine waiter opens the wine at the table.

5.   The chef makes sauce from flour, milk, butter and cheese.

6.   The waiters bring the dishes from the kitchen on trays.

The Simple Past tense . :

1.   They ( arrive) at the hotel yesterday.

2.   She ( book ) the table by phone.

3.   The chef (cook ) a wonderful meal.

4.   The butter ( melt) in the hot pan.

5.   We (finish) our first course ten minutes ago.

6.   He (thank) us for a nice evening.

7.   It (rain) hard last night.

8.   They ( open) the restaurant two weeks ago.

Past Simple : questions and short answers.

Questions in the Simple Past use did and the infinitive of the verb.

Short answers use did or didnt

Examples: Did you go to Oxford?

Yes, I did / No, I didnt


1.They arrived last night.

1.   She spoke to the manager.

2.   He telephoned the hotel.

3.   Mr. Dreyton called from Italy.

4.   She ordered a dry martini.

5.   I went to work at 8 in the morning yesterday.

6.   She stopped the boy and asked him the way.

7.   He played tennis on Sunday.

8.   They lived in France in 1998.

9.   I wanted to cook an apple pie.

Extra words:

Shelfish kidney tasteless

Lobster liver stringy

Crab heart corked

Crayfish tripe overcooked

. , :

on, with, in, behind, for, from, at, to:

1.   All the food is cooked ____ this kitchen.

2.   The pastry chef is responsible ___ the hot desserts.

3.   You will help ___ the pasta sauces.

4.   The ovens are ___ the preparation areas.

5.   You will work here ___ me.

6.   We prepare sauces _____ the pasta.

7.   The new commis came ____ the kitchen.

8.   The new commis is ___ the early shift.

9.   You start ___ 7 a.m.

10.     You have a break ____ 11 ___ 12.

Extra words :

Receiver local call

Dial long distance / trunk call

International code collect call

Country code telex

Telephone book / directory Fax machine

Payphone callbox

Answerphone booth

. , need : - , - -

1.   My jacket needs cleaning.

2.   I need some buttons sewn on

3.   You neednt

4.   I dont need it until

5.   Ill send someone up.


: 1 ; 2- 3- ( 5 )


( 10 , .. )


1.   to be:

I in my first year.

a.   am

b.   are

c.    is

2.   , to be :

a.   Mother is at home.

b.   What are you doing?

c.    Im a businessman.

3.   :

There is no telephone in the room.

a.   .

b.   .

4.   :

a.   Were there many people in the bank?

b.   There were many people in the bank?

c.    In the bank there were many people?

5.   to be:

There a few hundred judges, trained as barristers.

a.   is

b.   am

c.    are

6.   , :

are lawyers.

a.   I

b.   he

c.    they

7.   .

is at the entrance.

a.   their parents

b.   My car

c.    my friends and I

8.   :

There are at least 50 000 solicitors in Britain.

a.   , , 50 000 .

b.   50 000 .

9.   .

They at the court yesterday.

a.   were

b.   are

c.    will be

10. to be:

You studying law.

a.   was

b.   are

c.    is


1.   :

Do you know foreign language?

a.   any

b.   some

c.    something

2.   :

We have money, so we cant go on holiday this year.

a.   little

b.   few

c.    many

3.   , . ?

We usually drink much water in hot weather.

a.   a lot of

b.   many

c.    few

4.   :

I invited my friend to place.

a.   me

b.   mine

c.    my

5.   :

There is like home.

a.   none

b.   no

c.    nothing

6.   :

Is this credit card ?

a.   yours

b.   your

c.    the yours

7. : many, few, a lot of, some.

a.   They have read 10 English books in the original.

b.   He likes to spend much time doing crosswords.

c.    There is no news today.

8. B

He has never been to foreign countries.

a.   no

b.   any

c.    some

9. :

I have time, I can wait.

a.   many

b.   little

c.    a plenty of

10. .

people know the right way to do it, because it is so difficult.

a.   little

b.   few

c.    much


1. :

Shes university teacher.

a.   the

b.   an

c.    a

2. :

I like small animals.

a.   a

b.   the

c.    (nothing )

3. :

tea is cold.

a. the

a.   (nothing)

b.   a

4. :

Mississippi is the longest river in the USA.

a.   a

b.   the

c.    (nothing)

5. :

ice-cream is made of milk and sugar.

a.   (nothing)

b.   the

c.    a

6. :

On Monday we open at 9 oclock.

a.   a

b.   (nothing)

c.    the

7. :

English are reserved.

a.   (nothing)

b.   a

c.    the

8. :

There are two cinemas in our town - Regal and Plaza.

a.   the

b.   a

c.    (nothing)

9. :

Britain is island.

a.   an

b.   a

c.    the


1. :

We six days a week.

a.   study

b.   studies

c.    are studying

2. , :

My friend travels a lot, ?

a.   isnt he ?

b.   doesnt he?

c.    doesnt he?

3. :

she go to the court every day?

a.   do

b.   is

c.    does

4. o :

Im writing a report.

a.   .

b.   .

5. .

This money enough to buy a new house.

a.   do

b.   is

c.    are

6.   :

There is nothing left, ?

a.   isnt there

b.   is there

c.    isnt it

7.   :

He goes abroad

a.   once a month

b.   at this moment

c.    next month

8.   :

British police not normally armed.

a.   was

b.   is

c.    are

9.   :

Look out of the window. It heavily.

a.   is raining

b.   rains

c.    rain

10. :

She speaks perfect English.

a.   So am I

b.   So do I.

c.    Im too.


1.   :

You worry about it.

a.   mustnt

b.   not must

c.    dont must

2.   :

He speak three foreign languages.

a.   can

b.   may

c.    must

3.   :

Must I come tomorrow? No, you

a.   cant

b.   neednt

c.    mustnt

4.   :

You not go out, the lecture is not over yet.

a.   can

b.   may

c.    have to

5.   :

help me?

a.   Can you

b.   Do you can

c.    Can you to

6.   :

The sky is dark. It rain soon.

a.   has to

b.   should

c.    may

7.   :

Good! I work tomorrow.

a.   mustnt

b.   dont have to

c.    may not

8.   :

My parents want me to go in for law.

a.   .

b.   .

c.    , .

9.   :

I want you to invite him to the concert.

a.   , .

b.   .

c.    .

10. :

We expect you to settle her problem without delay.

a.   .

b.   , .

c.    , .


1.   :

Lets go by train. Its much .

a.   cheaper

b.   cheap

c.    more cheap

2. :

Is Alan than Jim?

a.   the tallest

b.   taller

c.    tall

3. :

New Years Day is popular in Britain than Christmas.

a.   little

b.   more little

c.    less

4. :

Its if you take the train.

a. quicker

a.   the quicker

b.   quick

5. :

Rome isnt as as Athens.

a.   older

b.   old

c.    oldest

6. :

I havent got as as you.

a.   the more money

b.   more money

c.    much money

7. :

Money is important but it isnt thing in life.

a. the most important

a.   the more important

b.   most important

8. :

Im not very interested in economics. Im in law.

a.   the most

b.   more

c.    most

9. :

The profits of this firm are much higher this year.

a.   .

b.   .

c.    .

10. :

Model A-25 is the worst model Ive ever known.

a.   -25 , - .

b.   -25 , - .

c.    -25 .


2.   :

you meet her at the station yesterday?

a.   Did

b.   Was

c.    Do

3.   , :

You went to the court last week, ?

a.   wasnt you

b.   didnt you

c.    wont you

4.   :

I my exams and can have a good time now.

a.   passed

b.   have passed

c.    am passing

5.   :

The prices by 20% since January.

a. have risen

b. rose

a.   raised

5. C :

They have come.

a.   .

b.   .

c.    .

6.   , :

He has committed a crime, ?

a.   wasnt he

b.   didnt he

c.    hasnt he

7.   :

I didnt know that it

a.   was raining

b.   is raining

c.    will be raining

8.   :

They didnt come .

a.   yet

b.   last night

c.    now

9.   O :


a.   She didnt receive a letter of confirmation.

b.   She doesnt receive a letter of confirmation.

c.    She hasnt received a letter of confirmation.

10.       :

We met when we in France.

a.   were studying

b.   studied

c.    have studied.


1.   :

Ill see you Tuesday afternoon.

a.   in

b.   at

c.    on

2.   :

She was looking for her dog.

a.   .

b.   .

c.    .

3. :

Can you finish the job Friday?

a.   by

b.   till

c.    since

4. :

The criminals held the train and took all the money.

a.   up

b.   out

c.    over

5.   :

My mother suffers headaches.

a.   by

b.   from

c.    with

6.   :

John is interested politics.

a.   for

b.   about

c.    in

7. :

She invited him to her house making inquires about him.

a.   after

b.   on

c.    at

8. :


a.   He came in and looked at.

b.   He came in and looked around.

c.    He came in and looked for.

9. :

You can rely on her being honest.

a.   in

b.   for

c.    on

10. :


a.   When does the plane take off?

b.   When does the plane take on?

c.    When does the plane touch down?

8.2. in at.

1. Wheres Tina? Shes at work

2. Why didnt the bus-driver stop .......... the bus-stop?

3. Go straight on ........roundabout and turn right .......the church.

4. There was a big table ........the middle of the room.

5. Whats the longest river ........ the world?

6. Were there many people .......the concert on Friday?

7. My brother is studying mathematics ........ London University.

8. Where does your sister live? ..........Brussels

9. Did you read about the accident .....the newspaper?

10. Will you be ..........home tomorrow afternoon?

11. Munich is a large city ..........the south of Germany.

12. Do you work? No, Im still ..........school.

8.3. to in.

1. Wheres Jack? In bed.

2. Im going ..........the shop to buy some milk.

3. Tom went ...........the kitchen to make some coffee.

4. Wheres Tom? Hes ........the kitchen making some coffee.

5. Would you like to go ..........the theatre this evening?

6. I got a postcard from Sue this morning. Shes on holidays .... Switzerland.

7. John lives ......... a small village ....... the south-west of England.

8. What time do you usually go ...... bed?

9. Kevins sister is very ill. She is ..... hospital.

10. Excuse me, I must go ........ the toilet.

11. The train left Brussels at 7 oclock and arrived .....Paris at 9.30.

12. I was tired this morning. I stayed .......... bed until 10 oclock.


1. :

What time Pat and Peter for dinner tonight?

a.   are coming

b.   do come

c.    have come

2. :

Im meeting Lane after work .

a.   today

b.   every day

c.    sometimes

3. :

If you to our terms well give you a discount.

a. agreed

b. will agree

d.   agree

4. :

Give me a ring you know the time of your flight back.

a.   until

b.   as soon as

c.    since

5. :

If we dont hurry up well be late.

a.   , .

b.   , .

c.    , .

6. :

What do you usually do you come home?

a.   till

b.   when

c.    until

7.   :

If the weather is fine

a.   we shall have a good time.

b.   we should go to the country.

c.    they spent the day outside.

8.   :

If I the letter tomorrow, Ill phone you.

a.   receive

b.   will receive

c.    received

9.   :

If I meet her today I shall tell her the truth.

a.   , .

b.   , .

c.    , .

10.       :

Ill pay you back the money I get my next pay cheque.

a.   when

b.   before

c.    after


1.   :


a. will be examined

b. were examined

a.   are examined

2.   :

English almost in 45 countries of the world.

a.   speak

b.   is spoken

c.    are being spoken

3.   :

Visitors were reminded that it to take photographs in the museum.

a.   was forbidden

b.   is forbidden

c.    forbids

4.   :


a. My apartment will be stolen.

b. My apartment burgled.

a.   My apartment was burgled.

5.   :

Newspapers only in the evening today.

a.   were brought

b.   will be brought

c.    is brought

6.   :

The picture has been sold for & 3,000.

a.   &3,000.

b.   & 3,000.

c.    & 3,000.

7.   :


a.   are requested

b.   request

c.    were requested

8.   :

Two pictures from the museum last night.

a.   are stolen

b.   were stolen

c.    have been stolen

9.   :

The new building of Moscow University was being built

a.   when I entered the History faculty.

b.   now.

c.    lately

10. :

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe.

a.   have been written

b.   was written

c.    is written


2. ( ):


1.   Write the biography of one of your favourite actors , writers or artists or a music group.

2.   A recent news story something that happened in your town, country or the world.

3.   Write the recipe off your favourite dish.

4.   Is there a generation gap between you and your parents?

5.   What are your plans for the nearest future and do you have long-termed plans?

6.   Give the descriptions of one of your visits to some other town , city or country.

7.   What would you advise a foreigner to see and do in your city?

8.   What do you know about Napoleon, Columbus, Elizabeth II, Thatcher?

9.   What should people on Earth do in order to save our planet?


10.       The most important event of the XX century.

3. :

1    What are you doing tonight ?


I dont know yet. Im in two minds.

2. Would you like to go out ? / Do you feel like going to

Yes , thats a good idea / That sounds like a good idea . / Well , I cant say

I feel like it really. / No , I dont think thats such a good idea. / I think I would rather stay at home.


3. Have you been to

Have you seen Andrew recently ?


No, I havent . He is away / Yes , I have . He is working hard, revising for the exams.

4. Have you heard about Peter ?

Whats the matter ? / What happened ? / I think he is all right . He is going abroad one of these days.

5. I am not very well today

Have you got caught cold ? / have you got temperature ? / Can I help you ?/ Youd better go home and take some medicine / Are you off color?/ You must have run down

6.   Is there any mineral water in the

Im afraid there isnt any. Ive just had the last bottle./ Im sorry , but there isnt any. / I hope there is. I bought it today.

7.   Are you good at computers ? / A user or more ? /


Im afraid not, but Im working hard at the moment. I hope to become a good user of it soon /

8.   Do you mind if I / open the window / smoke /


That would be fine / Ill be much obliged / No, thank you / Please , dont / Dont bother , Ill manage it. / Not at all at the moment . / I wouldnt mind

9.   Could you tell me the time , please ?


Im sorry , I dont know. I dont have a watch. / Oh , yes. Its exactly / It is nearly

Are you sure your watch is right ?


Yes , certainly / Im not sure. My watch is slow ( fast ) / I forgot to wind

the clock / watch .

10.       Could you tell me the way to ?

Go straight on / Follow the signs / Its a long way from here / Its quite a distance from here / You are going in the opposite direction / take the second turning on your left / Certainly , with pleasure / Could you give me a lift ?

11.       Could you pass me the book / the salt .../


Most willingly / Here you are. / That goes without saying / Certainly Im looking forward to pass you it.

12.       When does the train / arrive ?

When did the plane arrive / take off ?


at 11 p.m.

13.       Thanks a lot.

You are always welcome / That was a pleasure / No trouble at all / Im glad you liked it / Im the one who ought.


14.       Your new hairdo / haircut / bag / skirt , etc. looks nice

Do you really like it? / Thank you for the compliment / You are

flattering me / Thank you for telling me about it. / I like it myself.

15.       What does your best friend do ?


He works in the bank.


16. Where do you usually go on holiday ?


I go surfing , skiing / I go camping in the mountains / I go on a cruise / I go for a boat trip on the lake.

/ What about this year ? /

16.       You could take my umbrella .


No , thank you. Ive got my own / The rain has stopped / Ill be very thankful to you / Could I ? It would be very kind of you.

17.       Do you think I should buy this hat / go for a boat trip / ?


I dont know. Its up to you to decide. / Dont risk it / Think twice before you go.

18.       I cant wait any longer - lets


You may go then / lets take a taxi / lets phone Mike / lets hurry

19.       I cant find my pen anywhere .


You must have lost it / take my one / Its no great loss to you / It serves you right / That isnt typical for you ?

20.       Why didnt you come yesterday ?

Sorry I was invited to the party / Im awfully sorry , but it passed (went) out from my mind. / I didnt feel well / I was very busy / I was completely run down ( worn out ) /

21. Mary is 22 today .


Really ? My congratulations to her / Is she having a birthday party tonight ?


22. She has failed at the exams .

Bad luck. What went wrong ? / Oh, I see. Well , all I can say is better luck

next time .

23. What has happened to Mary ?

She has failed at the exams. / She has lost her job. / She got married not long ago.

24. Are you hungry / thirsty / cold / tired / ?


Yes , Id like something to drink / to eat / Im hungry as a hunter / Its very hot in here / Im not feeling well today / would you mind closing the door, please ? / Yes , Ive completely worn out.

25. John says he cant come


Its so typical of him / The same old story / Thats all we need / I wish he could / Im sick and tired of it.

26.       I bought a ticket for you.


Thats great . Ill go and get dressed at once / Its very kind (nice) of you / Its very considerate of you.

27.       Wonderful , its Friday at last !

Have a nice weekend / What are your plans ? / Have a nice time / A very enjoyable weekend to you .

28.       Do you know where the nearest bank is ?

( as in p. 8 )

30.       They said they could lend us some money.


It would be wonderful. / I appreciate your concern for me / Its very considerate of them / it does them credit / Good idea

31. You will have to help Ted with his job.

That goes without saying. As you say / I dont mind / What are you driving at ? / Not me / Whats the rush ? / All in good time / I hate to / Im looking forward to

31.       Do you know that


Napoleon was afraid of the cats ? / one hundred years ago people travelled by train ? / didnt watch TV ? / didnt travel by plane ? / made telephone calls ? / listened to records ?/ didnt write with ball - point pens ?/

Its incredible ! / Really ? I dont believe .

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